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Highlights of Sarah's 2021 Calendar

It's hard to know for sure these days what the schedule will be...but here goes:

9.09.2020 Worldwide

The first Horn Hangout of the Season!

20.09.2020, Berlin

Premiere of my documentary film "A World Without Beethoven" on Deutsche Welle TV

23.09.2020 Worldwide

Live Horn Hangout with the horn sections of the President's Own Band and the Coldstream Guards of Her Majesty's Army

11.10.2020, Dresden

Children's Concert with the Jussen Brothers and the Dresdner Philharmonie

1.11.2020 Berlin

Live Event on Sarahs Music Space - details tbc

12 & 13.12.2020 Berlin

Jingle Bass Rock - the Berlin Philharmonic annual Christmas childrens concert

18.12.2020 Berlin/Londoon

Live Christmas Horn Hangout - London Brass